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At Via Transportation, we carry a wide variety of different options in our fleet so you can choose the one that fits your specific needs the most. No matter where you may be going, whoever is going with you, we have something that can accommodate you! Contact our team today to learn more about what options we have available in our fleet!


If you are headed on a special vacation or you want to impress others, our luxury options are the thing for you! We have luxurious town cars, sedans, and limos that can get you to where you need to go in high class and style. Create the ultimate experience filled with luxury and book one of our luxury options today!


If you are headed somewhere with a group of people, you’re going to need something spacious! We have plenty of options for spacious vehicles and we can help you determine the best options based on your specific needs. With years of experience in the industry, we know the options that benefit our customers the most.


At Via Transportation, we have plenty of options that are designed to accommodate you and your specific needs. Whether you need plenty of space for luggage, or you need a wheelchair accessible option, we have just what you need! Our sedans and vans are a great option for people who are traveling with others or need plenty of additional space.

  • Our Fleet | Luxury Sedans

    Our Fleet | Luxury Sedans

    This is the Perfect vehicle for a family of four, or an intimate group of friends or couples. The first choice for Airport Transportation for Business Visitors. The very late models of Prius in our fleet will give you an enjoyable ride from and to Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Orlando's Executive Airports, Business meetings or your next business, vacation or party destination.

  • Our Fleet | VANS

    Our Fleet | VANS

    The eleven (11) passenger van is a work horse (better yet, a hard working horse) in our transportation company. We make more runs with this vehicle then with all the vehicles together in our fleet. Why is this so? The van is the most inexpensive transportation for a large group of people, business visitors, families, and party goers to airports, hotels, terminals or entertainment venues. Big capacity, room for everyone and enough space for all your luggage.

  • Our Fleet | LUXURY

    Our Fleet | LUXURY

    As an alternative to a taxi we provide LUXURY vehicles. Our LUXURY are the luxuriest in the industry. The size and the latest models of our Town Car & Suburban SUVs will provide a great, comfortable ride for a family, group of friends or a business group. There is enough room for all the passengers and the luggage. Recommended for up to six (6) people.

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Our wide variety fleet means that we have something for everyone. No matter what you may be specifically looking for, we have something that can accommodate you. Contact our team today to see what options we have available and book online!

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